solar swimming pool ionizer reduce 85%-95% chlorine

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China (Mainland)
Product Description

 solar swimming pool ionizer reduce 85%-95% chlorine


Introduction of solar swimming pool ionizer:

Solar-powered pool ionizer, that functions as a water purifier, for all types of pools, up to 35,000 gallons.

It utilizes a solar panel, to generate the electrical current, required to ionize copper and silver electrodes.

The resulting copper and silver ions help control the growth of algae and other microorganisms .

It floats in the pool and produces copper and silver ions, while being exposed to sunlight. Usually, within a period of about two weeks, a sufficient ion level, for pool water purification, will be attained.


This product will help control pool algae and will reduce the amount of chlorine required, to maintain any given level . It can last for an entire season, helping to substantially reduce your chlorine consumption and reducing the possibility of algae blooms. Replacement electrodes are available for you.

Purifies pool water using copper and silver ions. High tech solar panel activates the release of minerals ions into the water, which prevent the growth of algae and other microorganisms Reduces chlorine consumption dramatically, by acting as a sanitizing backup.Creates better water quality. No installation is required. Simply place in the pool.


Features and advantages:

1.Solar pool water purifier turns itself on every day and works until night fall.
2.No electrical hazards; no plumbing or electrical hookups; no batteries.
3.Self-cleaning cell plates don't require maintenance, upkeep or replacement.
4.Use in swimming pools, spas and water fountains.
5.Save the Planet: Each Solar ChlorSolar-Powered Chlorine and Ion Generator user.
6.Can reduce greenhouse emissions as much as 800 Kg per year





Is it harmful for the eyes? (Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it irritate the skin?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it decoloured and dry the hair?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it decoloured and burn the swim clothes?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Is it liked with the cancer?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it form trihalomethanes-carcinogens?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it produce irritating chloramines?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it toxic for the lungs?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Is it absorbed through skin?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it produce benzene in pvc pipes?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Has it a nasty smell?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Is it harmful for the environment?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Is the storage and handling dangerous?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it evaporate?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Is it corrosive for equipment and accessories?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

Does it destroy the stucco in a pool?(Chlorine YES,Ionizer NO )

 Using Step

Step 1     Verify that the pool conditions are good

Step 2     Introduce into the pool the solar ionizer SPLASH SOLAR IONIZER 

Step 3     Observe that SPLASH SOLAR IONIZER is floating in the pool

Step 4     After 12 hours,activate the cleaning system of the pool

              After 24 hours, revise if all are working according to the specifications

Step 5-6  Remove every 15 days and do a cleaning of the electrode with the brush included in your kit.

Check weekly if the PH level to evaluate the proper functioning of your SPLASH IONIZER.